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Cooking With Brians Reunion

Yesterday the infamous (Cooking With) Brians had their first reunion feast in more than a year.

It's been too long, boys!

The dinner of traditional Spanish tapas received thumbs-up review from Kenny, Meijer and Jenn.

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Thanks Postma!

Guess-the-Google is a wonderful little program that compiles a set of images and asks you to guess what Google query would result in those images.

Beat this:

Thanks to Postie for the link.

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Jay Pluim risked being eternally blacklisted by sending me a "funny forward." Well, I forgave him because this thing gives me shivers.

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Calvin Commencement Speaker

You've probably heard by now that Dubya is speaking at Calvin's upcoming commencement ceremony. Nick P Wolterstorff was bumped. Check what some calvin students are saying about it.

What do you think? Is this an issue? If so, where do you stand on it?

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In Too Deep

Someone bit off more than he could chew. A lot more.

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This Must be a Record

I feel the need to announce to the world that at this very moment, 4:26p on the 19th of April, 2005, as I sit at my kitchen table working on four computer simultaneously, the thermometer mounted outside my kitchen window, in the shade, on the north side of the house, is registering 29 degrees celsius.

The weather site is listing 26 degrees, but I suspect that reading is taken at the airport.

It must be tough for all those wonderful people stuck writing exams at this very moment in time, In the RUC gym with no natural light.

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I Have an Empty Inbox!

Egads, it's beautiful!

recipe for similar success:
700 raw emails in inbox
1 complex filing structure
1.5h of concentrated effort with no distractions
ruthless deletion of trivial communication

I haven't seen my inbox empty since last summer.

ahh, my inbox... check out all its majesty...

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Angela Wins

This article by the lovely and talented Angela Strauss hits the nail on the head. It's a shame there's not an audio recording of this article read aloud by the author.

Her article "Good worship - The wars, the world and the Word" addresses the false dichotomy of "contemporary" and "traditional" worship forms in the institutional church. Strauss clears the stage of unhelpful jargon and attempts to provide the framework in which we can evaluate our present practices and future options.

I find this particularly important in the light of recent discussions with capital-M musicians (ie, the kind who try to do this for a living), with CRC members of various stripes, with Can-Reefers interested in reforming their denominations musical practice and even with the clapping folk.

Now, please, go read the article - don't skim it - and let me know what you think on it. It's really not that long, and worth the time it takes.

special thanks to Peter Scholtens for the link.

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Back at it!

Come on out on Thursday night, the 14th of April for the first of many Thursday night informal soccer matches at Highland Gardens Park. For directions, click here.

This tradition was started last year by Ms Erin Goheen and Ms Teema Saliba and grew to be something of an institution. All are welcome, at all skill levels, as long as you promise not to take yourself too seriously.

Some people wear cleats, some don't. Some people wear shinpads, some don't. Smart people bring water, the truly excellent bring a soccer ball. Contrary to Mr Harskamp's blog that says 6.30p start, the game will actually start at 6p this week.

See you there!

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Quite a View

I've recently been introduced to, and become enamoured of, Google's map services. Included is a beautiful satellite imaging function.

Using this remarkable technology, I've surfed around the continent, looking at such random things as low tide beaches in White Rock, BC, and round farms just outside Arcadia, Nebraska. The satellite would hardly pick up the CN Tower in Toronto, were it not for its impressive shadow. Based on the angle of the shadow and the colour of the foliage, I'm guessing that these satellite images were taken in the morning on a late summer day, 2004. Just a hunch.

Below is a collection of some of my favourite captured images. To those of you on dialup, my apologies. Oh, and get broadband.

This is Hamilton in all its splendor.

More specifically, this is my neighbourhood.

Sarnia doesn't look too bad from up here, does it?

This is a great view of Les Chutes Montmorency in Beauport, QC. This is the setting of the fabled keys-at-the-bottom-of-the-river story. Thanks Daniel!

A very green view of Holiday Valley in Ellictoville, NY, where I very much like to snowboard in the White Season.

My dear alma mater without her new Peter Turkstra Library.

This is the country that will host the lovely Miss Van Breda next year.

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So, my life has been progressing since I last posted. A rather major development has been the recent acquisition of a red Volkswagen...

...which will soon be a nerdmobile.

I have a meeting scheduled for tomorrow afternoon in London with the Nerds On Site management people. At this meeting I'll sign the paperwork and hopefully get the decals for my bug. Then they can start printing my business cards and the like...

Isn't this exciting? And scary?

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