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Blogosphere: the Final Frontier

Being unable to sleep after a well-caffeinated shift at Starbucks, I found myself using Blogger's "browse-a-random-blog" feature.

You see, I wanted to get a picture of the blogosphere outside the RUC bubble. Clearly the blogosphere doesn't respect the boundaries of Redeemer's seventy-seven acres, but somehow the people I encounter blogwise are invariably connected to this anomalous enclave. So, off I go, bravely seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before.

I think I have a somewhat clearer picture of the world out there. Apart from the grammatically-challenged kiddie blogs and the rarely-updated blog experiments, some themes began to emerge.

All told, I'd be willing to categorize blogs into three major sets: there's the teeny-bopper "Angst Blog" about homework and hating homework, parents and hating parents, parties and punk music. Next there's the "Academic Blog": professors and professionals, undergrads and grad students. Few (if any) of these blogs are exclusively academic in content, but you can occasionally find gems of interesting ideas and focused thinking. Finally there's the smaller set of "Mom 'n Pop" blogs: middle aged folk - blue collar, white collar, stay-at-home - who enjoy the opportunity to vent to the web's ethereal audience about work and life and books and religion.

Disclaimer: These categories are very broad and their edges fuzzy. What I mean by "teeny-bopper Angst Blog" has more to do with raw emotional (really journalesque)posts than demographic. What I mean by "Academic Blog" has more to do with the blogging sub-community in which the authors live and which informs their writing, thinking, and social lives. "Mom 'n Pop" blogs are harder to pin down... perhaps I'm just taking a mental shortcut and using this as a catchall - call it weak if you like.

During my surf, I encountered one very interesting blog entitled "Was It Something I Said" and noticed that there was an interesting (defined as something I agree with) post about "victom syndrome" as it applies in the Middle East. Thought you visitor-folk might enjoy a quick look around this fellow's blog.

Also, can you think of a blog categorization system better than mine? You probably can, and I'd like to hear it. I think this question delves back into the "Why Blog?" question that haunts us all, but approaches it from another angle. Thoughts?

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Everything's Turning Up vanOosten

Heartiest of congratulations to my dear sister who has just found gainful employ at one of my favourite big-box retailers: Futureshop. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't looking forward to all kinds of discount electronic gear... hehehe...

Yay Shanna!

This post bubbled to the surface on Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Beast

So, I guess I can take out the black marker and stroke out "No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven..." from the ole, fallible Bible.

It looks like the Anti-Gibson has arisen and has decided to summon The Beast on exactly 6 June 2006. It's clever that date is written 6.6.06. Is this an allusion? I hope not, it might be too subtle.

Well, there is a measly crumb of a trailer available on the site, but if you feel compelled to burn through my server's bandwidth, you can find the trailer mirrored here.

I would encourage all who stumble onto this post to go visit the discussion forums at the movie's website. That forum desperately needs some thoughful and prayerful input from the likes of you.

This post bubbled to the surface on Thursday, August 12, 2004

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Today has been a good day. A very good day. One could even describe this day as frabjous.

I had been feeling worried about the state of my car (Trixie's replacement, the Poopsmith) and how this might affect my troubled finances. You see, the exhaust system was in a state of great distress: the muffler was no longer connected to the rest of the exhaust system and, as a result, the Poopsmith was operating at a much higher volume than good taste should allow.

Behold my muffler, alone in the world. Weep with me.

(dramatization only, actual images unavailable)

When I visited my friends Ben and Danyse, I mentioned that my muffler had succumbed to the ravages of oxidation. Ben looked under my car and diagnosed the problem: the muffler had broken off. It should come as no surprise to you that he nearly has a Master's Degree. Truly an astute fellow. I made mention of the wheel-ramps sitting in my trunk (courtesy of Mr Brian Harskamp) and soon the car was elevated. Ben proposed something I had not even thought about: fixing the muffler.

Perhaps I have been misleading. I had thought about fixing the muffler. The process I had in mind involved driving through large bay doors, reading an old magazine, handing over a credit card and driving home in a much-quieter Poopsmith. Up to this point I was pondering who might volunteer their credit card for this project; replacing exhaust system components myself was a wholly novel notion.

It was a bit of a task to get through all the rust in order to remove the remaining muffler-esque hardware. I did what I could to be helpful. I was definitely under the car there. And i definitely got rust in my face. And I'm sure I handed Ben the right tool at least once.

Hardware removed, we took a short trip, had a quick chat with the helpful gentlemen at Canadian Tire's parts department and we were back at Ben's house with $61 worth of Muffler and related hardware.

Behold my new muffler! Rejoice with me!

(dramatization only, actual images unavailable)

It really only took a few minutes for Ben to affix the new muffler. Again, I handed Ben hardware and tools as requested and felt very helpful.

The task was done! What once was old is new again! Huzzah! The very best part is that I saved very many dollars and all I must do in return is to improve the condition of Ben's computer a little bit.

PS, if geography permits, you should come over and have a listen to my new, purring baby.

This post bubbled to the surface on Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Wild Wasaga Beach

Sorry about going garver so early in my blogging career, but I was away at Wakestock in Wasaga Beach, for a couple of days.

What a party! Wow. There were (I'm guessing) 30,000 people visiting the sleepy town of Wasaga Beach. Of those guests, there were a grand total of 500 people over the age of 25 and 400 of those were OPP. My point of reference for party-towns has always been Grand Bend since I grew up nearby in Sarnia. Now, Wasaga Beach during Wakestock raises the bar several notches over Grand Bend, even on a good long weekend. Truly impressive.

It was an interesting experience driving back to Hamilton. As I skirted the northern fringe of Toronto I could see many passing motorists and it was strange how old and plain each of these solitary drivers appeared. For the past couple days, every car I'd seen had been been filled to capacity, every person I'd seen had been under 30, had been perfectly coiffured (or had been dissheveled in an engineered fashion) and was seeking to impress someone - anyone. I had felt like an outside observer, walking around in a fashion magazine, then suddenly jumping back in the real world I remembered what normal people look like. Fashion magazines are a nice place to visit, but i sure wouldn't want to live there.

For those curious what wakeboarding (the supposed focus of Wakestock), I've compiled a couple of links for your edification.

Here's what Googlism has to say about it.
Here's a better rundown on the sport.

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The Bvo™ v1.0a Released

Greetings one and all! Thanks for visiting. Welcome to The BvO™

I hope that your visit here is enjoyable and that you'll consider visiting again in the future.

A point of pride is the dynamic content found in the left and right columns of this page. On the left you can find a daily excerpt of scripture, a daily vocabulary-boosting word and definition (click the link for further details), and the weather in Hamilton. Further down are The Very Real and Regular - people whose blogs I frequent and under that a nearly exhaustive list of RUC bloggers. In the right column (Your Zeitgeist...) you can see the 25 most recent posts from the bloggers who qualify as Very Real and Regular.

This really is one-stop shopping for bloggers!

I welcome your comments here in the blog, and you can always feel free to email me. If you would like to link to this site, email me so that I can add a reciprocal link to your page. If you know of more RUC Bloggers that I've missed, fill me in and I'll try to keep that up to date.

Of course this site features a site feed in the Atom 0.3 format. In case you're wondering what a site feed is, all you need to know is that you're not cool unless your page has one.

This site will be undergoing further development in the upcoming months as I try to streamline the process by which the Zeitgeist column is constructed, and as I continue to develop the visual style of the place. In the meantime, stop by for a visit now and again!

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We Remember Trixie

SATURN, Beatrix - Peacefully at the Willa Hospice, Sarnia, on Saturday, July 31, 2004, the parts broker did take home the stalwart old girl at the age of 12. Beloved property of Brian. Loving transportation of many including family, friends and random hitchhikers. She will be greatly missed by previous occupants, commuters, and road-trip companions. A memorial drive will take place on Flamborough's Middletown Rd on Sunday, August 8, 2004. Friends and family welcome. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Saturn Replacement Fund would be appreciated by the family. Brian and the family wish to express sincere thanks to the management of the Willa Hospice for their care and patient support through these last difficult months of palliative care.

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