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I auditioned on Tuesday evening for Mr John Laing, Artistic Director of the John Laing Singers. It would be generous to describe my audition performance as dismal.

I shared a pint afterwards with the McKenna boys at the Rebels Rock. Those two merry gentlemen did revive my spirits a bit with some hearty singing and ridiculous compliments.

Today I was at peace about the whole endeavor. I had made a fool of myself in front of only one man and I would most likely never have to meet that man again. I still had the RUC Alumni Choir, and I was sure that I could audition for Dr. Chris Teeuwsen without as much fear, pain, and embarrassment. I had summoned the courage (or at least the delusions of grandeur) to at least audition, and I had nothing to apologize for. Except for my audition. Gosh that was awful.

Strangely enough, just before dinner this evening, the good Mr Laing called and said...

(I'll let you listen for yourself)

This post bubbled to the surface on Wednesday, September 14, 2005

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