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Told You So

The long awaited day has finally arrived. Google, the arbiter of my reality, has released an instant messenger client. Think about this for a minute.

Google, best search engine, bar none;
Gmail, kicks Hotmail in the teeth;
Google Maps, eats Mapquest alive;
Google Earth, just plain cool;
Blogger (a Google service), the web-based Blog development site of choice;
Picasa (a Google product), the best photo organizing program to date;
Google Desktop Search, so much faster than Windows-F;
The list goes on... These guys keep putting out products for free that the Microsofts of the world can't even start to compete with.


Google Talk

So, click the link above, download the client and add me to your list. I'm really looking forward to MSN Messenger going the way of the ICQ. Glee!

Sometimes I have to remind myself that Google is not a deity.

This post bubbled to the surface on Thursday, August 25, 2005

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