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Hamilton to Hamilton Bike Tour

Today I participated in the Hamilton to Hamilton Bike tour to celebrate the fact that my denomination has been active in Canada for 100 years. Many of you have heard of the Sea to Sea Bike tour, which some would argue is more exciting and challenging, but I coudn't do that cause I have work to do.

This tour involved approximately 20 people from my church and some neighbouring churches. We met on the steps of the church before 11am, after the morning service, in a downpour.

The deluge was quickly downgraded to a drizzle and we set out.

We biked to Guelph, to the Sports and Entertainment Centre, where the Sea to Sea participants were gathering for an afternoon worship service. The large venue was chosen because all the CRC churches in Southwestern Ontario were invited to attend - and many did.

We arrived at the event less than three hours after departure, which we consider good time because we were tired and would not have wanted to do it faster. The hall filled quickly and soon there was standing room only.

The service was inspirational, the music was well done, the feeling of unity was unmistakable. My socks were still wet. I was cold and hungry. I decided that I was going to ride back to Hamilton in a car. Once the service was over and I had warmed, changed my socks and shorts and had a sandwich donated by the ever wonderful Mrs. Laura Zantingh (Big Mike's Mom), I was back on the road with the whole crew.

Home at last, safe and sound, showered and warm, with food and drink, I can say that was a great experience. It was certainly the longest bike trip of my life (120km plus), but it was good to get a feel for what the Sea to Sea folk have been experiencing of life on two wheels.

I wish them all the best as they head out on the Eastern leg of their journey. May they be safe on the roads and may they touch lives in each community they visit.

This post bubbled to the surface on Sunday, August 14, 2005

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