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I've recently been introduced to, and become enamoured of, Google's map services. Included is a beautiful satellite imaging function.

Using this remarkable technology, I've surfed around the continent, looking at such random things as low tide beaches in White Rock, BC, and round farms just outside Arcadia, Nebraska. The satellite would hardly pick up the CN Tower in Toronto, were it not for its impressive shadow. Based on the angle of the shadow and the colour of the foliage, I'm guessing that these satellite images were taken in the morning on a late summer day, 2004. Just a hunch.

Below is a collection of some of my favourite captured images. To those of you on dialup, my apologies. Oh, and get broadband.

This is Hamilton in all its splendor.

More specifically, this is my neighbourhood.

Sarnia doesn't look too bad from up here, does it?

This is a great view of Les Chutes Montmorency in Beauport, QC. This is the setting of the fabled keys-at-the-bottom-of-the-river story. Thanks Daniel!

A very green view of Holiday Valley in Ellictoville, NY, where I very much like to snowboard in the White Season.

My dear alma mater without her new Peter Turkstra Library.

This is the country that will host the lovely Miss Van Breda next year.

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