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In response to Peter Scholten's questions about these strange little boxes that show up in Haloscan comment windows:

I did some digging and discovered that the mysterious wee boxen are actually empty little boxes that could be holding an avatar (known in MSN terminology as a "display picture").

Here's what you do to make it work:

First, load up Photoshop, MS Paint, or what ever you use to edit images, and make yourself an 80x80 pixel image that's funny, or clever, or that represents you.

Second, go to the Gravatar site and register your email address.

Once you're registered, upload the 80x80 image you built on Photoshop to the Gravatar page, and wait. You need to wait because there are moderators at Gravatar and they check to make sure that you don't leave rude images as your avatar for impressionable young children to see.

Now whenever you leave a comment on a blog powered by Haloscan and you put your email addy in the appropriate field, Gravatar will display your personal avatar, like this:

Go ahead, try this yourself!

This post bubbled to the surface on Sunday, February 20, 2005

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