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William Lyon Endorses George Walker

"The energetic defence of our nations is an important duty. Yet, defence alone is not a sufficient strategy. On September the 11th, the people of North America learned that two vast oceans and friendly neighbours cannot fully shield us from the dangers of the 21st century. There's only one way to deal with enemies who plot in secret and set out to murder the innocent and the unsuspecting; We must take the fight to them. We must be relentless and we must be steadfast in our duty to protect our people.

Both of the countries have learned this lesson. In the early days of World War II, when the United States was still wrestling with isolationism, Canadian forces were already engaging the enemies of freedom from the Atlantic — across the Atlantic. At the time, some Canadians argued that Canada had not been attacked and had no interest in fighting a distant war. Your prime minister, Mackenzie King, gave this answer; "We cannot defend our country and save our homes and families by waiting for the enemy to attack us. To remain on the defensive is the surest way to bring the war to Canada. Of course, we should protect our coasts and strengthen our ports and cities against attack," but the prime minister went on to say, "we must also go out and meet the enemy before he reaches our shores. We must defeat him before he attacks us, before our cities are laid to waste." Mackenzie King was correct then, and we must always remember the wisdom of his words today."

— George W Bush
Pier 21, Halifax, Wednesday, 1 Dec 04

This quote highlights a bothersome idiosyncracy that plagues Canadians. We are at once proud of our historic military accomplishments in Europe and disdainful of our neighbours who have the cheek to maintain a military.

Thanks to Dubya for pointing that out.

This post bubbled to the surface on Thursday, December 02, 2004

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