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I feel compelled to give an update on the progress of "The BvO's Entertainment Index."


Friday's concert at Mount Hamilton CRC with the awesome Sonia Reid and the august quartet of Jon/Julie/Dan/Jane was a great success. The sanctuary was not nearly full, but all those who braved the roads that evening were glad they did. The program was mixed, with sections of Sonia's solo work interspersed with sections of quartet pieces. There were a couple opportunities for the audience to engage in some hymnbook singing and for them to stand and stretch as they did so.

It is uncommon for a mixed ensemble of this sort to blend as well as they did, and to maintain a comfortable balance of volume between parts. Kudos go to Julie for being a brilliant alto - and audible! Extra props to Jon who capably accompanied all the pieces that he wasn't singing. The extra strain of his dual role had an impact on his timbre, if not his tone, but this challenge was ably met by sheer natural talent and a bit of support by the rock-a-steady Dan.


Sunday evening's jazz trio (Butternut Squash) at the Staircase provided just what was needed after an uncharacteristically busy Sabbath. The venue is always condusive to a good time, the company was amiable - and Ben Bowen rocks.

I'll admit that I'm easy to please in this regard - he plays the trumpet. If it's jazz, I'm content. If it's jazz with horns, I'm pleased. If it's jazz with a muted trumpet, I'm tickled pink. It's just that simple.

Thus was I tickled pink. Massive respect to the Bowen clan. If Ben plays in Hamilton again, you can expect another plug here on my blog.


Now, there were five events listed in the newly minted Index, and so far I've been batting 1000. That should entice you to check out the remaining three gigs listed. I won't lead you astray. Seriously.

This post bubbled to the surface on Monday, December 13, 2004

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