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Great Day For the Race

What race is that?

The human race.

It is a great day for the race because, effective today, I have been running it for twenty-five full years. Not quite sure what to think of all that. Twenty-five.

Now, all of yesterday's kidding aside, I certainly do not feel old. I will resist the impulse to look back and think: "Look how far I've come! Look how much I've grown." This would be short sighted. According to several marathoner racers, I've barely gotten out of the gate yet.

On the other hand, I cannot resist the urge to reflect on a whole quarter-century (that sounds impressive, no?).

At this milestone I find myself LESS certain of my abilities. I find myself LESS certain of God's calling for my life. I find myself MORE in debt than, say, five years ago. These are hard things to bear for one so proud and self-sufficient as I.

On the flip side of the very same coin I find myself MORE able to match my reach and my grasp. I feel myself MORE dependent on God's timing and wisdom to show me direction. Believe it or not, I find myself humbled by the immense generosity of a very real God. With the setbacks and challenges of the past two years I have learned to be more trusting. I have seen more clearly my dependence on my family, my friends, and my church community.

As I pause at this juncture, one conviction screams for attention: I am blessed, if not with regular employment, with blessings too numerous to count. Here's just a start: A family that keeps in touch over great distance; Friends that know God and struggle to obey Him; A church that is alive and growing; An Alumni Choir actively working alongside a great Concert Choir; An (almost) alma mater liberally sprinkled with friends and scholars; A roomate who's very patient; A bright kitchen and a full fridge; Cold beer at the ready; John Tavener playing through some very fancy electronics...

I've been blessed enough for a lifetime, and I'm just getting going. I'm looking forward to these next twenty-five years.

This post bubbled to the surface on Monday, December 13, 2004

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