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Get Behind Me, Spyware

I enjoyed the bulk of my weekend in Sarnia. Apart from generally basking in the company of my favourite sister and mother, I was well fed and amply rested. Life is good.

On saturday afternoon I kept busy doctoring the ladies' computers. Much to my chagrin, both were infected with numerous instances of spyware bots. Spyware has increasingly become a taxing reality for helpful geeks the world over, myself included.

I bumped into a particularly pernicious piece of the ol' malware that had quite handily overcome the defenses of my mom's struggling Celeron. This dragon of an invader had already sent packing the Gallant Sir Adam and was contendedly collecting my mother's personal information for its own financial gain.

With some digging I came to realize that this dragon was of the species LOP. LOP is more evil than I had imagined that spyware could possibly be. Since you're probably not a geek, I won't go into acronym-heavy detail on all the technical KungFu with which i exorcised this demon. Please, please, please, download and install Spybot and if you still manage to get visited by the LOP devil, I've left a copy of the proprietary removal tool here on my site.

This post bubbled to the surface on Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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