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Wild Wasaga Beach

Sorry about going garver so early in my blogging career, but I was away at Wakestock in Wasaga Beach, for a couple of days.

What a party! Wow. There were (I'm guessing) 30,000 people visiting the sleepy town of Wasaga Beach. Of those guests, there were a grand total of 500 people over the age of 25 and 400 of those were OPP. My point of reference for party-towns has always been Grand Bend since I grew up nearby in Sarnia. Now, Wasaga Beach during Wakestock raises the bar several notches over Grand Bend, even on a good long weekend. Truly impressive.

It was an interesting experience driving back to Hamilton. As I skirted the northern fringe of Toronto I could see many passing motorists and it was strange how old and plain each of these solitary drivers appeared. For the past couple days, every car I'd seen had been been filled to capacity, every person I'd seen had been under 30, had been perfectly coiffured (or had been dissheveled in an engineered fashion) and was seeking to impress someone - anyone. I had felt like an outside observer, walking around in a fashion magazine, then suddenly jumping back in the real world I remembered what normal people look like. Fashion magazines are a nice place to visit, but i sure wouldn't want to live there.

For those curious what wakeboarding (the supposed focus of Wakestock), I've compiled a couple of links for your edification.

Here's what Googlism has to say about it.
Here's a better rundown on the sport.

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