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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

Today has been a good day. A very good day. One could even describe this day as frabjous.

I had been feeling worried about the state of my car (Trixie's replacement, the Poopsmith) and how this might affect my troubled finances. You see, the exhaust system was in a state of great distress: the muffler was no longer connected to the rest of the exhaust system and, as a result, the Poopsmith was operating at a much higher volume than good taste should allow.

Behold my muffler, alone in the world. Weep with me.

(dramatization only, actual images unavailable)

When I visited my friends Ben and Danyse, I mentioned that my muffler had succumbed to the ravages of oxidation. Ben looked under my car and diagnosed the problem: the muffler had broken off. It should come as no surprise to you that he nearly has a Master's Degree. Truly an astute fellow. I made mention of the wheel-ramps sitting in my trunk (courtesy of Mr Brian Harskamp) and soon the car was elevated. Ben proposed something I had not even thought about: fixing the muffler.

Perhaps I have been misleading. I had thought about fixing the muffler. The process I had in mind involved driving through large bay doors, reading an old magazine, handing over a credit card and driving home in a much-quieter Poopsmith. Up to this point I was pondering who might volunteer their credit card for this project; replacing exhaust system components myself was a wholly novel notion.

It was a bit of a task to get through all the rust in order to remove the remaining muffler-esque hardware. I did what I could to be helpful. I was definitely under the car there. And i definitely got rust in my face. And I'm sure I handed Ben the right tool at least once.

Hardware removed, we took a short trip, had a quick chat with the helpful gentlemen at Canadian Tire's parts department and we were back at Ben's house with $61 worth of Muffler and related hardware.

Behold my new muffler! Rejoice with me!

(dramatization only, actual images unavailable)

It really only took a few minutes for Ben to affix the new muffler. Again, I handed Ben hardware and tools as requested and felt very helpful.

The task was done! What once was old is new again! Huzzah! The very best part is that I saved very many dollars and all I must do in return is to improve the condition of Ben's computer a little bit.

PS, if geography permits, you should come over and have a listen to my new, purring baby.

This post bubbled to the surface on Tuesday, August 10, 2004

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