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Blogosphere: the Final Frontier

Being unable to sleep after a well-caffeinated shift at Starbucks, I found myself using Blogger's "browse-a-random-blog" feature.

You see, I wanted to get a picture of the blogosphere outside the RUC bubble. Clearly the blogosphere doesn't respect the boundaries of Redeemer's seventy-seven acres, but somehow the people I encounter blogwise are invariably connected to this anomalous enclave. So, off I go, bravely seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no one has gone before.

I think I have a somewhat clearer picture of the world out there. Apart from the grammatically-challenged kiddie blogs and the rarely-updated blog experiments, some themes began to emerge.

All told, I'd be willing to categorize blogs into three major sets: there's the teeny-bopper "Angst Blog" about homework and hating homework, parents and hating parents, parties and punk music. Next there's the "Academic Blog": professors and professionals, undergrads and grad students. Few (if any) of these blogs are exclusively academic in content, but you can occasionally find gems of interesting ideas and focused thinking. Finally there's the smaller set of "Mom 'n Pop" blogs: middle aged folk - blue collar, white collar, stay-at-home - who enjoy the opportunity to vent to the web's ethereal audience about work and life and books and religion.

Disclaimer: These categories are very broad and their edges fuzzy. What I mean by "teeny-bopper Angst Blog" has more to do with raw emotional (really journalesque)posts than demographic. What I mean by "Academic Blog" has more to do with the blogging sub-community in which the authors live and which informs their writing, thinking, and social lives. "Mom 'n Pop" blogs are harder to pin down... perhaps I'm just taking a mental shortcut and using this as a catchall - call it weak if you like.

During my surf, I encountered one very interesting blog entitled "Was It Something I Said" and noticed that there was an interesting (defined as something I agree with) post about "victom syndrome" as it applies in the Middle East. Thought you visitor-folk might enjoy a quick look around this fellow's blog.

Also, can you think of a blog categorization system better than mine? You probably can, and I'd like to hear it. I think this question delves back into the "Why Blog?" question that haunts us all, but approaches it from another angle. Thoughts?

This post bubbled to the surface on Saturday, August 21, 2004

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